Cummins is the new Codex partner of the Green Energy Center Europe

Cummins is a leader in power solutions with more than 100 years of experience in more than 130 countries. In the last few years Cummins has diversified its portfolio for new power which includes Hydrogen Technologies (Electrolysers & Fuel Cells) through the acquisition of one of the most innovative electrolyser manufacturers Hydrogenics GmbH.

Cummins’ participation in the Codex partnership of the Green Energy Center Europe in Innsbruck is an engagement in the Austrian hydrogen economy. In the HyWest research center, which is also located in the Green Energy Center Europe, work is currently concentrated in the development of a regional green hydrogen economy in Austria.

Cummins has been present as a member of the Green Energy Center Europe since 2021 and actively present in Austria with actual projects on the ground. Cummins is presented with two seats at the Green Energy Center Europe to present its two main hydrogen businesses which are electrolysers represented by Mr. Andrew Emil and the Fuel cell business unit represented by Mr. Alan Kneisz.

According to Mr. Emil “Cummins sees Austria as a leader in energy transition given its strong base of innovative companies and its strategic location will enable it to play a key role in promoting hydrogen and new technologies for energy transition and a more sustainable future”

Mr Ernst Fleischhacker Founder of the Green Energy Center Europe: “The partnership helps to foster new discussions and turn them into new projects building the bridge into the green future”.